Engineering Services

Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) offers a turnkey corrosion engineering service for all industries. Experience and services within the company and its associates cover a broad range of corrosion and related areas. These include:

  • Cathodic Protection (CP) design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for a variety of onshore, offshore and civil (concrete) based impressed current and sacrificial anode systems. These include pipelines (oil, gas, water), steel reinforced concrete, storage tanks, bridges, tunnels, marine vessels, offshore platforms / FPSOs, mine sites, petrol stations, wharves, jetties and ports
  • Offshore pipeline and structure CP retrofit design
  • Independent review / audit of third party CP designs
  • Pipeline / coating surveys (including DCVG and CIPS)
  • Induced HVAC / Low Frequency Induction surveys and investigations
  • Earthing system investigations
  • Stray current testing / investigation
  • Client representation for offshore pipeline surveys
  • Pipeline pigging and integrity management
  • Project management of pipeline pigging, inspection and integrity management contracts
  • Consultancy for pipeline pigging work including feasibility studies, procedures, contractor management and client representation
  • Plant corrosion audits / assessments
  • Materials selection
  • Potential mapping of reinforced concrete structures

Corrosion Prevention

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