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CCE Discuss ECDA at ACA Corrosion Event in New Plymouth, NZ
August 19, 2016
A Show of Force from CCE
January 30, 2018

CCE Celebrates 300 years experience within the senior management team


At a recent meeting in Sydney, Corrosion Control Engineering’s senior management team celebrated a combined 300 years’ experience in the field of cathodic protection and asset integrity management. Pictured from left to right are Daryl McCormick, Jim Galanos, John Grapiglia, Jim Steele, John Kalis, Peter Kalis, Jason Paterson, Grant Chamberlain and Grahame Strong.

How long has CCE been servicing the corrosion prevention industry?

Corrosion Control Engineering commenced operation in Sydney in 2001. In the last 15 years, additional offices have been established in Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Auckland and New Plymouth, New Zealand.

CCE is Australasia’s largest and most experienced Cathodic Protection specialist, with approximately 80 employees, the majority of whom are corrosion engineers and field technicians.

What is the main role of CCE in our industry?
Our main role in the corrosion prevention field is to help asset owners combat the destructive (and sometimes catastrophic) effect that corrosion can have on buried or submerged steel structures. We achieve this through the use of Cathodic Protection (CP) to mitigate corrosion. CCE offers a comprehensive CP service including design, materials supply, installation and maintenance.

What is unique or innovative about CCE’s methods of operation and company culture?
At CCE we are fortunate to have employees who take pride and exercise special care in the safe delivery of our service packages. At CCE we have developed a core business model that is based upon hard working, loyal and dedicated staff with the skill-sets to satisfy and, in most cases, exceed our customers’ expectations. In the marketplace, the reputation of CCE has been earned over the years through the quality of the work our employees provide on a daily basis.

What’s is next for CCE in the foreseeable future?
As Australia’s infrastructure ages, our role is to continue to help preserve our assets for many years to come. At CCE, we constantly strive for improvement through the implementation of new technology and industry best practices.

Our aim is to be the firm of choice for our clients and our staff. We value our people, their growth and their contribution to our industry. We understand the role that we play in creating sustainability, and helping to reduce the societal impact of corrosion, an estimated 3Trillion dollar worldwide problem.