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    Cathodic Protection and More Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) use experienced engineers and technicians to complete a range of corrosion prevention services. The following services are available. Design Consultancy CCE will undertake all necessary design and consultancy responsibilities for any cathodic protection project. The extent of these services can be adapted

    • Engineering Services

      Engineering Services Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) offers a turnkey corrosion engineering service for all industries. Experience and services within the company and its associates cover a broad range of corrosion and related areas. These include: Cathodic Protection (CP) design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for a variety of onshore, offshore and

      • Cathodic Protection (CP) Services

        Turnkey Cathodic Protection Services As Australasia’s premier Cathodic Protection (CP) specialist, CCE is a one-stop-shop for all things CP. Services include design, materials supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing routine maintenance for a variety of onshore, offshore and concrete based impressed current and sacrificial anode CP systems. Structures include pipelines (oil,

      • Third Party Cathodic Protection Design Reviews

        Cathodic Protection Services - Design Reviews Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) are professionals in the design of cathodic protection systems for all industries and structures. We are often asked by our customers to review third party designs to identify flaws and opportunities for improvement. Many years of industry experience and the

      • AC Mitigation, LFI, Earthing Design & Investigation

        Prevent Stray Current Corrosion on your Pipeline The first step to implementing stray current corrosion countermeasures is to identify the root cause(s) of the issue. Foreign cathodic protection installations; DC transit systems such as electrified railways, subway systems, trams; and High Voltage AC (HVAC) electrical power transmission systems are all

      • ILI Pipeline Pigging

        Inline Inspection (ILI) Pipeline Pigging How do you ensure the safety and integrity of your pipelines? One of the most effective and comprehensive methods involves pipeline pigging (or ILI) - a preventative maintenance operation for identifying pitting corrosion and other defects in your pipelines. Pipeline pigging refers to the process

      • Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion growth rate studies

        Pipeline Integrity The safe and environmentally responsible operation of pipelines is a key responsibility of any pipeline owner. Doing everything possible to prevent leaks is what our communities and regulators expect. The use of effective cathodic protection is critical to any carbon steel pipeline system. At Corrosion Control Engineering we

    • Field Services

      Field Services - Cathodic Protection Services Corrosion Control Engineering deploy highly experienced and qualified engineers and technicians to perform various field testing activities and onsite surveys for routine maintenance and other special projects. These services include: Cathodic protection installation, commissioning and maintenance for a variety of onshore, offshore and civil

      • Cathodic Protection Audits & Troubleshooting

        Cathodic Protection Services - Audits Corrosion Control Engineering work closely with owners and operators of pipelines and other critical infrastructure assets to ensure that their corrosion protection solutions are effective. A technical audit of the existing CP system is conducted in the field. The results of our investigation are then

      • Routine Cathodic Protection Maintenance & Inspections

        Routine Cathodic Protection Maintenance Services Corrosion Control Engineering’s core business is cathodic protection (CP). As a result, the majority of our field work is the routine testing and maintenance of all types of impressed current and sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems for all industries. With seven offices across Australia and

      • DCVG & CIPS Pipeline Coating & Cathodic Protection Surveys

        Pipeline Cathodic Protection (CIPS) and Coating Defect (DCVG) Surveys Corrosion Control Engineering has skilled technicians at all our office locations that specialise in Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS). As an essential part of corrosion control, the DCVG survey is the most accurate method available

      • Induced AC & LFI Field Surveys

        Stray Current Corrosion - Field Surveys Corrosion Control Engineering conducts field audit surveys of pipelines sharing, paralleling or crossing high voltage AC transmission lines. These audits are designed to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 4853:2012 (Electrical Hazards on Metallic Pipelines) and to determine if a potential shock hazard exists for anyone

      • Pipeline Surveillance Surveys

        Pipeline Surveillance Surveys Corrosion Control Engineering offers visual pipeline surveillance surveys using our specially trained field technicians who routinely drive or walk along the pipeline, right-of-way, to assist operators in detecting conditions that might threaten the integrity of the pipe. Optimise Cathodic Protection Services with Pipeline Patrols Our surveyors

      • On Site Cathodic Protection Training of Customer’s Staff

        Train your Staff - Cathodic Protection Services Corrosion Control Engineering can provide customers with onsite training in the correct use and maintenance of their cathodic protection systems. This service complements our other services such as auditing, design, installation and CP system commissioning. For industry accredited cathodic protection training courses, refer

      • Installation & Commissioning of New Cathodic Protection Systems

        Installation - Cathodic Protection Services At Corrosion Control Engineering we have the experience, technology and the resources to help you install and commission your cathodic protection systems. We can implement a third party design or install an in-house solution. We will strive to satisfy your technical requirements. Corrosion Prevention with

      • Inline Inspection Services: Geometry, Metal Loss, Crack Detection

        In-Line Inspection Services Corrosion Control Engineering are local service agents for NDT Global, a world leading provider of inline inspection tools and services, also known as intelligent or smart pigging. NDT Global operates their fleet of LineExplorer UC ultrasonic tools for crack inspection and LineExplorer UM for metal loss in

      • Pipeline Pigging

        Pipeline Pigging with Corrosion Control Engineering Pipelines are a costly investment that transports fluids or other products across vast distances. To protect vital infrastructure we recommend pipeline pigging as an optimal maintenance tool. CCE can assist you in the recommendation, supply and running of cleaning, brushing, dewatering, foam and gauging

      • GPS Locating & Mapping

        Accurate Pipeline Location & Mapping Corrosion Control Engineering offers pipeline location and mapping services using sub-metre accuracy GPS technology. This is often used in conjunction with pipeline cathodic protection DCVG and CIPS surveys.Effective Field Services Contact us to coordinate your pipeline locating & mapping services today.

      • Pipeline Excavation, Direct Assessment, NDT

        Pipeline Excavations and Inspections To accurately evaluate the integrity of a pipeline, Corrosion Control Engineering would typically need to check the external condition of the pipeline. Maintenance procedures generally involve excavation, direct assessment, NDT and engineering recommendations.Call CCE Corrosion Control Engineering are available to discuss industry best practices. Chat

    • Our Company

      About Corrosion Control Engineering - Corrosion Prevention CCE is Australia’s largest corrosion prevention engineering company specialising in Cathodic Protection. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professional engineers and technicians who are certified with the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA), NACE International and Engineers Australia. Our offices are staffed by

      • Quality Safetry and Environment

        Quality, Safety & Environment - Cathodic Protection Services Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) delivers quality products and services. We are committed to safe work practices and are conscious of minimising the impact our work has on the environment.CCE promotes an attitude of safety and environmental consciousness that is maintained throughout

    • Partnerships

      Partners in Corrosion Prevention Corrosion Control Engineering has local agency agreements with a small selection of specialist overseas service providers and equipment manufacturers. Our partners bring their unique products and services to the corrosion control and asset integrity industry in the Australasia region including Australia, New Zealand and Papua New

    • Capability Statement

      Capability Statement - Corrosion Control Engineering View our capability statement to see why we are industry leaders in cathodic protection services and corrosion protection. Fight Corrosion Problems To learn more about CCE contact us today.

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