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About Corrosion Control Engineering – The Corrosion Prevention Experts

CCE is Australasia’s largest and most experienced corrosion engineering company specialising in Cathodic Protection. With eight offices across Australia and New Zealand, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professional engineers and technicians who are certified with the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA), NACE International and Engineers Australia.

CCE has more NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Engineers and Technicians than any other company in Australasia and a vast amount of corrosion engineering expertise within the group. The Principal Engineers in all of our regional offices have between 30-40 years’ experience in cathodic protection.

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Some of our corrosion prevention services include

1. Cathodic Protection (CP) design, installation and commissioning on a variety of onshore, offshore, marine and civil (concrete) structures.

2. Routine CP maintenance, auditing and reporting for all structures and CP systems.

3. Pipeline CP / coating surveys including DCVG, ACVG, PCM and CIPS.

4. Offshore pipeline and structures CP maintenance and retrofit CP system design & supply.

5. Independent review / audit of third party CP design.

6. Pipeline & asset integrity management including ILI and coatings consultancy.

7. Materials & Corrosion consultancy including corrosion failure investigations.

8. Stray current testing, investigation & mitigation.

9. AC Mitigation, Earthing, Low Frequency Induction (LFI) studies and investigations.

10. Corrosion inhibitor & chemical monitoring consultancy.

11. Pipeline pigging, inline inspection and integrity management.

Specialist Services

We provide the following range of niche services.

We have been involved in the design, supply, installation and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for a variety of structures.

1. Pipelines – oil, water, gas and LPG.

2. Wharves and jetties; steel and sheet piling – oil, LNG, chemicals and bulk handling.

3. Steel reinforced concrete – foundations, marine structures and commercial buildings.

4. Storage tanks, above and below ground – oil, water, gas, minerals and chemicals.

5. Marine vessels – commercial and other.

6. Bridges and tunnels.

7. Mine sites – thickeners and clarifiers and water treatment units.

CCE maintains contact with a number of companies in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA to provide priority supply of specialist equipment and materials not available within Australia.

Corrosion Prevention Professionals

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Our Experience Delivers Solutions

CCE have been delivering turnkey corrosion control solutions throughout Australasia since 2003.