Technical Equipment

Corrosion Control Engineering supply a wide range of cathodic protection related technical equipment. Our worldwide manufacturing and supply capabilities also include:

DCVG Pipeline coating survey equipment: CCE developed the Pipescan II DCVG equipment following extensive research, based on their own field surveys and ongoing customer interaction, to ensure the industry benefits in improved quality control and pipeline coating integrity assessment.

CIPS - Close Interval Potential Survey equipment: For close spaced cathodic protection potential surveys on pipelines. Manufactured by MC Miller.

Transformer Rectifiers: Standard or customised, oil cooled, solar and remote monitoring for impressed current CP systems.

Data Loggers & GPS Current Interrupters: CCE supplies the MiniLog2 Data Logger and GPS Interrupter by Weilekes Elektronik. Used in data logger mode, the MiniLog2 samples for both DC and AC simultaneously. In interrupter mode, the built-in relay switches fully GPS synchronised interrupting.

Remote CP Monitoring. CCE supplies the state-of-the-art MiniTrans Plus, a GPS enabled, mains-independent remote test point and rectifier monitoring system by Weilekes Elektronik. The MiniTrans Plus has been specially designed for automated wireless remote monitoring of cathodic protection systems to monitor and interrupt such values like on- and off-potentials, AC voltages, currents and microvolts. Introduction of low-energy hardware and latest GSM radio technology allows three years of daily measurements and monitoring operations without battery change.

DC Current Clamp (Swain) Meter: Portable DC current clamp ammeters by Swain Meter. Swain Meters are field-portable, non-contact ammeters for corrosion protection, fault location, and quality assurance. They enable the user to determine current magnitude and direction and to locate shorts and interference.

Pipeline Locators & Cameras: CCE supplies the Vivax Metrotech range of pipeline locators and small diameter pipeline CCTV cameras. Pipeline locating and Defect Mapper equipment can save you time and money in locating underground pipes, cables and shorts. We can supply the correct locator for your requirements, including CCTV sewer/duct inspection. Water leak detection equipment is also available along with Sondes, Clamps and tracing cable.

We also supply corrosion voltmeters and soil resistivity testing equipment.

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