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Induced AC & LFI Field Surveys

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Stray Current Corrosion - Field Surveys

Corrosion Control Engineering conducts field audit surveys of pipelines sharing, paralleling or crossing high voltage AC transmission lines.

Induced AC & LFI Field SurveysThese audits are designed to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 4853:2012 (Electrical Hazards on Metallic Pipelines) and to determine if a potential shock hazard exists for anyone that touches an exposed part of the pipeline such as a valve, CP test point or other above ground appurtenance.

In addition to mitigating safety risks, accelerated external corrosion damage to the pipeline or its coating can occur if the voltage between the pipeline and surrounding soil becomes excessive during a fault condition.

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Contact the Corrosion Control Engineering team to ensure that your pipeline systems are safe and are mitigating the risk of induced AC corrosion.

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