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Pipeline surveillance surveys

Corrosion Control Engineering offers visual pipeline surveillance surveys using our specially trained field technicians who routinely drive or walk along the pipeline, right-of-way, to assist operators in detecting conditions that might threaten the integrity of the pipe.

CCE also provide pipeline asset owners with supervision services for pipeline excavation works carried out by third party contractors. The reliable transportation of resources through pipelines plays a crucial role in various industries. However, ensuring the integrity, efficiency, and security of these pipelines presents significant challenges. This is where pipeline monitoring and surveillance services step in, offering cutting-edge solutions to monitor, analyze, and safeguard pipeline operations.

Importance of Pipeline Monitoring and Surveillance Services

  1. Continuous Monitoring
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Security and Intrusion Detection
  4. Data Integration and Visualization

Optimise Cathodic Protection Services with Pipeline Patrols

Our surveyors conduct important work which can be carried out in conjunction with pipeline cathodic protection maintenance. If you would like to discuss this service, please contact us.

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