Pipeline Integrity

The safe and environmentally responsible operation of pipelines is a key responsibility of any pipeline owner. Doing everything possible to prevent leaks is what our communities and regulators expect.

The use of effective cathodic protection is critical to any carbon steel pipeline system. At Corrosion Control Engineering we liaise with our customers to develop and implement integrity management plans for liquids pipelines and gas transportation systems.

Corrosion of pipelines can be due to a number of factors including coating type, coating failure, cathodic protection effectiveness, sources of CP interference, operating temperatures, metallurgical conditions and the pipeline environment.

Pipeline IntegrityIn-line Inspections (ILI) via pipeline pigging should be implemented frequently to help maintain the integrity of the pipeline system.

The corrosion growth rate plays an essential role in the optimisation of ILI re-inspection intervals. Corrosion growth rates can be estimated from predictive models considering the known corrosion mechanisms. Corrosion rates can also be determined from measurements of metal coupons exposed to corrosive environments or from comparisons of pipe wall measurements over time.

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