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Products & Materials

Corrosion Control Engineering stocks and supplies a full range of corrosion control and cathodic protection products and materials. Scroll to the bottom of the page or click on the links under the ‘Products’ tab above for details. You can also download our Products & Materials Brochure here.

Corrosion Control Engineering stocks and supplies a full range of corrosion control and cathodic protection products and materials. Scroll to the bottom of the page or click on the links under the ‘Products’ tab above for details. You can also download our Products & Materials Brochure here.

Anodes And Backfill

CCE offers a large range of anode types and sizes for use in all industries that require protection of equipment and infrastructure from corrosion. Materials include aluminium, magnesium, zinc, silicon iron, mixed metal oxide, platinised titanium, lead silver and graphite, either standard or specially designed to suit your needs. We also supply low resistivity anode backfill materials for anodes and earthing systems.

Monolithic Insulating Joints (MIJs)

Monolithic insulating joints are used for the sectioning of main pipelines in the oil, gas and water industries to ensure full efficiency of cathodic protection systems against corrosion. CCE supplies MIJs that are manufactured by Zunt Italiana who have been designing and manufacturing MIJs for over two decades. MIJs are designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with the most stringent international standards and client specifications. Fittings are available in flanged, weld/weld and screwed ends.

Reference Electrodes and Half Cells

CCE supplies reference electrodes to suit all applications, manufactured by MC Miller and Borin. There are many portable and permanent types available including: Copper/copper sulphate, silver/ silver chloride, zinc and special purpose—suitable for immersion, burial, or concrete applications.

The M.C. Miller Company is a recognised leader in the corrosion control industry, offering data collection & management, electrodes/half-cells, survey meters, current interrupters, survey equipment, accessories and varied miscellaneous products. CCE are the Australian Distributor for MC Miller.

Borin Manufacturing supplies CCE with their Stelth 1 reference electrodes (freshwater or high chloride water), Stelth 2 (underground & concrete), Stelth 3 (portable), Stelth 4 (portable large diameter), Stelth 7 (stationary reference probe IR free).

Contact your local CCE office for assistance with product selection and availability.

Transformer Rectifiers

Standard or customised, oil cooled, solar and remote monitoring for impressed current CP systems.

CP Test Points, stands, cabling & Thermit weld materials:

Test points can be configured to suit the individual and/or project requirements and can be supplied to suit the environment – available in aluminium, plastic and stainless steel.

Surge Diverters

A range of solid state surge diverters / decouplers are available to provide continuous and transient AC high voltage / current conduction to earth whilst maintaining DC isolation of cathodic protection systems to client specified levels.

Pigging Equipment

We offer a full range of pipeline pigging products and accessories for cleaning, gauging and pipeline inspection services.

Flange Insulation Kits (FIKs)

Flange insulation kits are available for all flange sizes, types, pressure ratings and materials. They are manufactured by GF Central Plastics and are used throughout the world in CP applications. FIKs have proven to be one of the most effective and reliable products for controlling and maintaining the integrity of piping and tank systems under demanding conditions.

Corrosion Monitoring Equipment:

CCE are exclusive Australian distributors for Cosasco to provide leading edge integrated corrosion and erosion monitoring systems, including non-intrusive and intrusive technologies. Corrosion probes, corrosion coupons, wireless corrosion monitoring, erosion monitoring, retrieval tools and many more solutions are available.

Other Associated Products: Corrosion Control Engineering stock a wide range of associated equipment and materials. Our worldwide manufacturing and supply capabilities also include:

  • Speciality cables and heat shrink materials
  • Pipeline casing spacers by Advance Products & Systems Inc.
  • Radolid Caps. Manufactured to suit most nut and bolt combinations, these caps are used in a vast number of industries to protect bolted connections against corrosion
  • Hullmatic – ship impressed current CP systems
  • Blastomatic – electronic descaling systems for ships ballast tanks. Sacrificial zinc and aluminium hull and tank anodes
  • Intakematic – Electrolytic anti-fouling systems and spare anodes and parts. Marine Growth Prevention system (MGPS)
  • Corrosion inhibition for all applications, including vapour phase (VCI)

In addition to the above products the following are also available: linkseals, warning tape, flowstop bags, polarisation cells, thermit welding moulds and weld metal.



Transformer Rectifier Units

Cathodic Protection Test Points, Cabling, Thermit Weld Materials

Surge Protection & Decouplers

Flange Isolation Kits

Monolithic Insulation Joints

Reference Electrodes

Zinc & Magnesium Ribbon

Corrosion Inhibitors & Monitoring Probes

Barrel Unions

Marine Growth Prevention Systems

Pigging Equipment, Cleaning & Gauging

Pipeline Casing Spacers

Our Experience Delivers Solutions.

CCE have been delivering turnkey corrosion control solutions throughout Australasia since 2003.