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Two Anodes

CCE offers a large range of anode types and sizes for use in all industries that require protection of equipment and infrastructure from corrosion. Materials include Aluminium, Magnesium, Zinc, Silicon iron, Mixed Metal Oxide, Platinised Titanium, Lead Silver, and Graphite, either standard or specially designed to suit your needs.

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Anodes for Temporary and Permanent Cathodic Protection.

Anodes are designed to corrode in place of the cathodic metal that they are protecting. For sacrificial, galvanic anode CP systems, we typically use zinc for soil/saltwater; aluminium for salt/brackish water; and magnesium for soil/freshwater. Impressed current cathodic protection systems use other metal alloy variations including silicon iron, mixed metal oxide (MMO), platinised titanium, lead silver and graphite.

How do you ensure that you have designed or installed the correct type of anode to ensure that it functions as anticipated? Whenever you are in doubt, always consult our team at Corrosion Control Engineering. We specialise in all aspects of corrosion control from engineering and field services to supplying the products, materials and technical equipment required to audit, install, troubleshoot and adjust CP systems.

Aluminum Anodes

The use of aluminium anodes is typically limited to sea water applications. The most common uses for these products include jetties, wharves, shipping and other salt water marine structures. If you are looking for a reliable material to be used in a sea water environment, this may be your preferred choice. The full product range showcases a variety of chemical compositions that are designed for specific uses, however, the team can supply custom configurations for your special requirements.

Magnesium Anodes

Ideal for below ground and freshwater infrastructure, magnesium anodes are the best all round choice for sacrificial anode CP in underground applications. Magnesium anodes have a high negative driving potential which makes them suitable for the protection of steel structures where the environment has a high resistivity, such as in soil and fresh water. These products are used extensively for the protection of buried pipelines and in potable water applications.

Zinc Anodes

Zinc anodes are widely used in sea water environments and have been used for many years as a reliable and economic means of providing cathodic protection to the steel hulls of boats and ships. They can provide sufficient output to protect steel in higher resistivity environments such as tidal areas and brackish to fresh water estuaries.

Anodes are the Backbone of Your Cathodic Protection System

To learn more about our range of sacrificial and impressed current anodes and other services including cathodic protection, pipeline integrity, dcvg, etc. contact the team at Corrosion Control Engineering today.

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