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Barrel Unions

Barrel Unions

Barrel Unions

Barrel unions are generally installed above ground to provide electrical isolation for well heads, regulator stations, processing plants, gauge lines, fuel supply lines, water lines and other pipeline applications. Stops galvanic and electrolytic corrosion of mains and services. Permanent, economical protection that protects against stray currents.

Barrel unions are available for use in pressure applications up to 3000 psi.

A moulded nylon barrel union is designed to protect against stray or induced currents and is unaffected by petroleum oils, greases and more and has a durable dielectric strength.

  • The confined ‘O’ ring seal allows the union to be re-used. Little torque is required to make a gas-tight seal and it permits extremely high compression
  • Brass ring serves as a bearing surface for the nut which eliminates undue wear or binding on nylon insulation when making-up
  • Leak-proof static seal that will not loosen under strain or vibration
  • The nut and body are made from high-test, air-refined malleable iron
  • Extra heavy shoulder on swivel end and nut, which increases strength to withstand pipe strains
  • Nylon insulation is bonded and moulded onto metal body for precise threading

Barrel Unions and More

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