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Corrosion Inhibitors & Monitoring Probes

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Corrosion Inhibitors and Monitoring Probes

Corrosion Control Engineering supplies a range of corrosion/rust inhibitors to all industries. Corrosion monitoring equipment and integrated instruments are available for low, intermediate and high pressure systems and are ideal for refineries, pipelines, chemical and petrochemical plants.

A rust inhibitor is used internally with carbon steel pipes and vessels as an economic corrosion control alternative to stainless steels and alloys, coatings, or non-metallic composites, and can often be implemented without disrupting a process.

By slowing down the corrosion rate of your metallic structures with sacrificial components you are essentially buying yourself time to potentially consider more appropriate long-term solutions. This depends on a number of factors from your projected expenditure to the value of the facilities that you are preserving in the first place. We can help you make informed decisions by providing all the details you need to know about our core range of engineering and field services as well as our technical expertise and other products.

Monitoring Probes

CCE has been providing monitoring equipment and services to the oil and gas industries for many years. We work closely with our customers to provide corrosion monitoring solutions to the corrosion mitigation industry.

The probes come with replaceable electrodes that also function as corrosion coupons. You can install a fixed solution, utilise retractable functionality for safer operation, or use retrievable probes that can be exchanged without turning systems off.

These tools are especially handy for reviewing metallic erosion and assessing your current cathodic protection solutions.

Corrosion Inhibitors, Monitoring Probes and More

Call CCE to see how a rust inhibitor or a monitoring probe can benefit your corrosion control operations.

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