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DCVG Equipment

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) equipment aids survey teams to assess the effectiveness of corrosion protection for pipelines and other buried steel structures by locating defects in the coating.

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Advantages of DCVG Equipment

  • Locate pipeline coating faults
  • Measure cathodic protection efficiency
  • Only excavate and inspect pipeline sections where required

DCVG surveys and the equipment used are a proven way of identifying coating defect issues with buried pipelines and structures.

Use CCE’s Pipescan DCVG Kit to Determine Coating Quality & Defects

Pipescan II DCVG equipment is designed and manufactured by Corrosion Control Engineering and comes in a heavy duty padded field case to ensure safe transportation.The Pipescan II Kit includes:

  • PIPESCAN II meter and charger
  • PIPESCAN II meter protecting padded field case with waist and neck straps and clear weather resistant cover
  • PIPESCAN II switcher and charger
  • Two biased 1200 probe box and charger
  • Two meter to biased box silicon cables and connectors
  • Two non-polarisable probes (three stage)
  • Two probe handle adapters
  • Four timber tips in PVC holder with ‘O’ rings
  • Heavy duty pelican equipment case (600 x 450 x 220mm) to ensure complete protection in transit
  • Optional one piece probes

Cyclic DC Switcher

The PIPESCAN II cyclic switcher uses solid-state techniques to provide the DCVG signal required to detect coating defects on buried pipelines. The switch generates a DC pulse required for DCVG testing by connecting it to the DC output of cathodic protection rectifiers or storage batteries.

The switcher is capable of switching loads from milliamps to 30 amps DC by using a high-power MOSFET device. The switcher has three duty cycles and can also be used for ‘on-off’ cathodic protection surveys.

The unit is capable of continuous operation for up to seven days between charges due to an internal lead acid battery. The four stage battery management circuitry endures hassle-free charging without the possibility of overcharging the ‘memory effects’ associated with NiCad technologies.

PIPESCAN II Probe & Handle

The probe consists of a biased 1200 box and a non-polarisable probe. The probe and control box consist of four separate sections which are screwed together as a compact set. The probes are also available as one piece as these are more suited to arid conditions.

The bias box contains 1 x AAA rechargeable battery to supply the bias source. Switched and variable controls allow bias adjustments between -1200 and +1200 mV. The non-polarisable probe is multi-wrapped fibreglass construction reinforced with carbon fibre with fittings machined from PVC, brass, stainless steel to ensure a long and reliable service.


The meter has been designed specifically for detecting and quantifying coating defects using the proven DCVG technique. Rugged construction employing quality components ensures reliable operation in the harshest testing environments.

The instrument features extremely high input resistance to allow measurements in very arid locations. Reliability has been extended through the use of a panel meter designed for military field equipment, Swiss gold-plated connectors, duplicated switch-contact redundancy and intelligent battery management circuitry. It comes with a protective fabric field case and a clear weather resistant cover.

Complete DCVG Field Kit for Checking Corrosion Protection Qualities

You can depend on Corrosion Control Engineering—the experts in corrosion control—to provide all the tools you need to for pipeline coating inspections and similar maintenance activities. Discuss your DCVG needs today.

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