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Flange Isolation Kits (FIKs)

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Flange isolation gaskets and isolation kits are used throughout the world and in numerous cathodic protection industry applications. Flange isolation kits have a proven track record for being one of the most effective and reliable products for controlling and maintaining the integrity of piping and tank systems under demanding conditions.

In CCE, Gaskets are available for delivery as individual components or as part of their respective kits.

Flange Gasket Material

Gasket materials generally comprise nitrile-face, plain phenolic, G10 and durlon.

Type E—Full Face Gasket completely covers the flange face from the flange bed to the outside diameter. A full face gasket is used on flat-faced flanges however it can be used with a raised flat-face flange to prevent debris build-up that could cause a short.

Type F—Ring Gasket is designed to set inside the bolt circle and is commonly used with raised-face flanges.

Type D—BX Gasket is an octagonal-shaped phenolic gasket designed to work specifically with a BX grooved flange. BX gaskets are machined from phenolic tubing and withstand pressures of up to 15,000 PSI.

Isolation Sleeves are designed to be easily inserted in the bolt hole, leaving ample room for the bolt, even when the bolt holes are misaligned. The wall thickness is 1/32” (0.79mm) and can be provided for bolt sizes from ½ (12.7mm) to 3½“ (88.9mm). The sleeve material is mylar, high density polyethylene, G10, minlon and/or nomex.

Standard Isolation Washers are manufactured from CE phenolic whereas other washer materials include steel, G3, G7 or G10. They are available as a single washer and sleeve kit, a one-piece washer kit, a double washer kit or a one-piece double washer kit (minlon). The maximum operating temperature of a phenolic washer is approximately 255° F (107° C), with a compression strength of 36,400 PSI and a dialectric strength of 300 VPM. The G3 and G7 high temperature isolation washer has a maximum operating temperature of 450° F (232° C).

Moulded One-Piece Sleeve & Washer contributes to reduced handling (many loose parts) and make-up problems in the field. A one-piece sleeve and washer is generally used for one-side flange insulation, however, it can be cut to size for two-side insulation. A minlon material is used because of its high compression strength and superior toughness.

Gaskets, Sleeves, Washers and More

Flange Isolation Kits (FIKs) are available for all flange sizes, types, pressure ratings and materials. Can’t find what you need? Call Corrosion Control Engineering for more information.

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