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Zinc & Magnesium Ribbon

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Zinc & Magnesium Ribbon

Corrosion Control Engineering supplies a range of zinc and magnesium ribbon anodes. These products are a cost-effective and maintenance-free method of corrosion control for buried or immersed metals.

Zinc is especially useful for unattended applications where regular maintenance, frequent supervision or an external power source is not possible. Zinc ribbon anodes are used for cathodic protection on buried pipelines and sacrificial CP of tank bottoms on above-ground storage tanks; AC mitigation on pipelines and grounding mats; and more. It can also be used as a temporary system prior to the installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system.

Magnesium ribbon is a flexible material generally used in high resistivity water or soil.

Due to the ribbon’s greater surface area to weight ratio, magnesium ribbon can provide higher current outputs when compared to other magnesium anodes.

Zinc & Magnesium Ribbon

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