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Reference Electrodes

Reference Electrodes

Corrosion Control Engineering supplies half-cells and reference electrodes to suit various applications. There are many portable and permanent types available including: copper, copper sulphate; silver, silver chloride; zinc; and other special purpose electrodes.

Reference Electrodes and Half-Cells

One of the most efficient ways of monitoring your cathodic protection system is to use reference electrodes and half-cells. When you are collecting electrochemical field data, you need quality products to perform your survey properly.

At Corrosion Control Engineering, we are experienced in performing onsite engineering reviews, CP installation audits and troubleshooting, so we understand the need for quality field testing equipment. There are many portable and permanent types of half-cells and reference electrodes available. These range from copper, copper sulphate and silver, silver chloride to zinc and other products that are suitable for immersion, burial and concrete applications.

If you are not sure which products would be the most appropriate for your site, get in touch with CCE. We have the technical experience to be able recommend the best reference electrodes for your needs.

We Source the Best Reference Electrodes

The M.C. Miller Company is a recognised leader in the corrosion control industry, offering data collection and management, survey meters, current interrupters, survey equipment and accessories. We are the Australian distributor for MC Miller and recommend their entire range of half-cells including repair kits, replacement plugs, submersible adapters, solution temperature monitors and extensions.

Borin Manufacturing is another reputable brand that supplies quality half-cells for specific industrial uses. Some examples include: Stelth 1 reference electrodes (freshwater or high chloride water), Stelth 2 (underground & concrete), Stelth 3 (portable), Stelth 4 (portable large diameter), Stelth 7 (stationary reference probe IR free).

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