Surge Protection & Decouplers

Corrosion Control Engineering supplies a range of surge diverters and decouplers to provide continuous and transient AC high voltage/current conduction to earth while maintaining DC isolation of cathodic protection systems to client specified levels. These are designed to protect personnel and equipment from electrical disturbances.

Decouplers provide continuous AC grounding for pipelines with induced voltage, while leaving the cathodic protection voltage unaffected. The device presents low impedance to alternating current and high impedance to direct current and connects between the pipeline and a grounding system.

Surge Protection. Similarly, induced voltages in the pipeline caused by local lightning or power line faults can result in insulated joints failure. To protect against this joint break-down, a Pipeline Equalisation Clamp (PEC) can be connected directly across the joint. In its inactive state the PEC presents an effective open circuit across the joint. Should the insulated joint voltage start to rise due to transients, the PEC will conduct and safely pass the transient current to ground, limiting the voltage stress across the joint. After conduction the PEC will automatically reset to its inactive state.

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